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About Us

Skyrenu Technologies Inc. was founded in 2021, in Quebec, Canada.
We develop innovative solutions to decarbonize society and make carbon neutrality a reality.
Among other things, we are developing an integrated, modular and low-cost solution for capturing CO2 directly from the atmosphere.

Our Vision

We want to contribute to the world by ensuring a safe environment for future generations through innovative carbon capture and sequestration technologies.

News & Updates

We are proud to announce that Skyrenu will be participating to Deep Sky Alpha project for the deployment of one of our CO2 capture systems directly from the atmosphere. See the press release for more information.

We are honoured to announce that we are one of the 23 winning teams in the $5M XPRIZE Carbon Removal (Student Award), and a finalist in the Top 60 Milestone Awards. Funded by Elon Musk, these awards were created to help take early stage concepts for carbon capture like ours to the next level. The $250'000 awarded to Skyrenu Technologies will enable us to accelerate the completion of our project and prepare for the main $100M XPRIZE for Carbon Removal competition.

Our Solution

Our novel system uses a cheap and eco-friendly solid sorbent in a cycle that minimizes energy demand in order to drive down capture cost. 

This is a Skyrenu 1000 tCO2/year machine.

How it works ?

We propose an integrated capture system comprising a novel modular direct-air capture device whose high-concentration gaseous CO2 output is used for the on-site durable CO2 sequestration.

Our DAC device uses a proprietary continuous adsorption/regeneration process with monolith sorbent reactors, based on a sorbent functionalized with an amine polymer, resulting in an inexpensive high specific area material capable of fixing and releasing CO2 molecules in a highly energy-efficient process. 

Our systems can be directly installed at CO2 sequestration sites, thereby eliminating the need to transport CO2 over long distances. The process will be powered by the 100% renewable Hydro-Quebec grid. 


Gabriel Vézina, Eng., Ph.D

Co-founder & CEO

Martin Brouillette, Eng., Ph.D

Co-founder & CTO

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