Machine skyrenu

This is a Skyrenu

1000 tCO2/year machine :

Our Solution

 Our novel system uses a cheap and eco-friendly solid sorbent in a cycle that minimizes energy demand in order to drive down capture cost.

How it works?

We propose an integrated capture system comprising a novel modular direct-air capture device whose high-concentration gaseous CO2 output is used for the on-site durable CO2 sequestration.

Our DAC device uses a proprietary continuous adsorption/regeneration process with monolith sorbent reactors, based on a sorbent functionalized with an amine polymer, resulting in an inexpensive high specific area material capable of fixing and releasing CO2 molecules in a highly energy-efficient process. 

Our systems can be directly installed at CO2 sequestration sites, thereby eliminating the need to transport CO2 over long distances. The process will be powered by the 100% renewable Hydro-Quebec grid.