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Skyrenu Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company founded in Quebec in 2021. Our mission is to help end the climate crisis by capturing and sequestering greenhouse gases. Here are some key points about our company:

Direct Air Capture Technology: We have developed an innovative direct air capture system that uses a low-cost, environmentally friendly solid adsorbent. This system captures CO2 directly from the atmosphere.
Installation at CO2 sequestration sites: Our technology can be deployed virtually anywhere, eliminating the need to transport CO2 over long distances. It is designed for installation at CO2 sequestration sites.
Capture Process: Our proprietary device uses a continuous adsorption and regeneration process with monolithic sorbent reactors. The sorbent functionalized with an amine polymer effectively binds and releases CO2 molecules in an energy efficient process.
Awards and Partnerships :
XPRIZE Carbon Removal Finalists: We were selected as one of the 20 finalists for the $50 million grand prize in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition.
Partnership with Deep Sky:  We are working with Montreal-based Deep Sky to deploy of our CO2 capture systems.


  • Skyrenu selected as finalist for the XPRIZE Carbon Removal $50M grand prize

    (May 8, 2024) We are proud to announce that Skyrenu has been selected as one of 20 finalists that are working toward the XPRIZE Carbon Removal $50M grand prize that will be awarded in 2025. See the XPRIZE press release for more information.

  • Skyrenu  x  Deep Sky

    (January 9, 2024) We are proud to announce that Skyrenu will be participating to Deep Sky Alpha project for the deployment of one of our CO2 capture systems directly from the atmosphere. See the press release for more information.

  •  XPRIZE Carbon Removal

    We are honoured to announce that we are one of the 23 winning teams in the $5M XPRIZE Carbon Removal (Student Award), and a finalist in the Top 60 Milestone Awards. Funded by the Musk Foundation, these awards were created to help take early stage concepts for carbon capture like ours to the next level. The $250'000 awarded to Skyrenu Technologies will enable us to accelerate the completion of our project and prepare for the main $100M XPRIZE for Carbon Removal competition.

  • You can find all of our press appearances in our "We are in the news! "

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